MG Productions

About Us

High school instructor Ron Chapin has created a video productions studio, where students at Marysville Getchell are given the opportunity for hands on learning that parallels industry standards.  Through offering courses such as "movie" and "documentary", students not only learn the skills and tools involved with video production, but also how to work as a team with varying roles.  These include; producer, director of photography, writers, editors, and actors.  The curriculum is built upon working with industry professionals as well as aligned with 21st century skills.  

The Team

The People of MG productions


Ron Chapin


Executive Producer

Gabe Sepulveda

Director of Emily' World

Lilli Toone

Production of Emily's world

Luke Olason

Director of Photography

Zonya Zaldivar

Director of Photography

Paris Ward

Script Advisor

Maya Daniels

Costume and Design

Lysarence Degracia

Lead Actress - Emily

MG Productions

Marysville Getchell High School Video Productions