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Side Reels are short documentaries where each one highlights a member of the Marysville community in sharing their story.  Each episode leaves viewers with a sense of hope, inspiration and understanding for the many challenges that life can bring.  Each reel is created in Mr. Chapin's documentary class by various groups of students.  


Behind Blue Eyes   l   Side Reel episode 1

The story of Xander Johnson

Unbreakable   l   Side Reel episode 2

The story of Maddy Grandbois

Live for Today   l   Side Reel episode 3

The story of Jay Tardif

Material Dreams   l   Side Reel episode 4

The story of Trey Padgett

Welcome to the Second Generation     Side Reel episode 4


Do you know of someone in the Marysville community that would make a great story for Side Reel?  We'd love to hear about them.  

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